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US Government Looking To Reduce Energy Use in Their Facilities

This article in highlights the importance that the US Government is placing on reducing energy use in their facilities in the coming years. With the age of some of these facilities, a retrofit of window film might be one of the most cost effective way for them to significantly reduce the energy use.

Through the use of new 3M technologies like window film and daylight redirecting film to realize a nice energy savings. This represents a huge opportunity for the industry as the number of buildings owned and managed by the Government is large and they are located in nearly every market across the country. Check out the article below and begin to develop a strategy on how you will approach the buildings in your market area.


Big Government Looks for Big Energy Savings in Buildings by Matt Jungclaus for

Imagine a future in which our buildings are resilient, self-powered, community resources. Not a kilowatt-hour of energy is wasted in a building, and on-site renewable energy systems meet every building’s energy needs. Although this may seem a futuristic dream, a recent policy recommendation to the United States General Services Administration (GSA) could spark a market transformation that makes this vision a near-future reality.

In September, a GSA task group recommended that at least 50 percent of the GSA’s and the entire federal government’s building area achieve net-zero energy status by 2030. A net-zero energy (NZE) building is a building that produces as much energy through renewable resources as it consumes annually. The GSA is the largest landlord in the United States. Read the entire article at HERE

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