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3M Residential Window Film

Residential Window Films for any home.

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You could be saving $500 or more each year on your electric bill just by having your windows tinted.

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Windows let in the light and offer beautiful views. But the sunlight they invite in can also cause hot spots and severe fading of your furnishings. During storms or in the event of a break-in, windows are the most vulnerable points in your home. 3M Window Films are designed to reject solar heat, reduce fading, and they can add a valuable layer of protection to your home. Best of all, our films can provide all of these benefits without changing the look of your home. Our window films can help you reduce the energy you use in your home and save you money on energy, block harmful rays from the sun, protect your home from multiple events, provide a different look to your home if you choose and keep your home cooler. Our residential window films are durable, easy to install and offer many advantages to you as a homeowner.

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Residential Window Treatments

NEW 3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Films

The latest in window treatments, 3M™ Thinsulate™ provides a barrier layer to any home for improved energy efficiency, increased comfort, and a reduction in UV glare year round.

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3M Thinsulate Window Film